Senator Craig is a pervert; not all gays think alike

By: Steve Yuhas


Proof is in the plea – Senator Larry Craig of Idaho is a pervert who decided that a really good place to get his jollies would be in a public toilet during a stop over at the Minneapolis airport.  And not just in any restroom either, no sir, Craig went to the exact bathroom described on an internet site that gives gay men places to go to have anonymous sex with one another.


Craig declared, with his wife at his side, that a cloud was hanging over Idaho because of the misunderstanding that happened in Minneapolis.  That is hardly the case – the only cloud is hanging over whether or not the Idaho Senator is gay or bisexual and the cloud is not over Idaho – it is over him.


Isn’t it fantastic that America gets another sex scandal from a politician right before Labor Day – Washington is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to sex scandals.  I’m not sure what is better, thinking back on the big scandals of the Clinton years or thinking about the drip drip drip of the scandals that have come out of the GOP over the years.


Now, I’m putting my money on the GOP because without closeted conservative politicians there would be very little scandal on the GOP side of the aisle.


I have to be clear: it is easy to be gay and to be a conservative at the same time.  Outside of the law of the gay community that says that if you’re gay you must think the way gay activists tell you to think, there is nothing about being gay that means you cannot be conservative.  Sure, activists will try to convince gay people that it is in our interest to be liberal and to count on Democrats to give us what so many in the gay world want, but when it comes down to it the only person gays can count on is Dennis Kucinich and he is unlikely to become president.


So what is it about being gay that scares so many Republicans into living double lives as straight (or bisexual) folks who find joy and comfort in bathrooms?  There is nothing that I can think of because in my experience as a gay conservative it is quite easy to be both conservative and gay and, frankly, we are very accepted by the GOP establishment. 


The same cannot be said for gay groups who brand us Uncle Toms of the worst kind so when events like gay trysts in public bathrooms come to the attention of the media I’m always surprised when the first thing talkers do is point to the anti-gay agenda voting record of the supposed gay politician.  Within hours of the arrest of Craig being made public gay groups as well as the Democratic Party sent out talking points showing that Senator Craig is a hypocrite because he voted against gay marriage, gays openly serving in the military and a litany of state issues he supports that gay groups don't.


Alan Colmes used some of the very votes that were sent out by these groups during Hannity & Colmes on Fox News Tuesday night and only Bill Sammon of the Washington Examiner picked up on the fact that even if Craig is gay isn’t it at least possible for him to be gay and conservative.


Of course the answer is yes, but Colmes ignored the question posed by Sammon and went on talking about all the votes Craig cast that were contrary to the votes gay activists like Dennis Kucinich made.  Sammon’s question, though, is a good one because the answer is yes – someone can be gay and conservative, but the left and gay activists don’t want the secret to come out.


Not all gay people think alike and there is a significant portion of the gay community that is not represented by dress wearing lisping men who ride floats in gay parades and engage in public sex in airport toilets.  Sammon was right, but he was ignored, so why is it that nobody took on the question?


Because gay activists have a strangle hold on the mainstream media such that when a gay issue comes up the only gay people asked to comment are card carrying members of the gay elite.  Yes, there are a few times when the odd gay who changed their mind is asked to talk about issues, but by and large there are few gay conservatives, real conservatives, who are invited to talk about issues that have to do with gay people and are being debated by people who can be labeled as homophobes.


I am a gay conservative – I make no apologies for it and nobody had to convince me that I was wrong.  I didn’t have to grow up non-conservative nor did I become a conservative in order to slap gays in the face.  I am conservative because I believe that government should be limited, I believe in the personal freedoms and responsibilities of individuals and I believe that our Constitution limits the power of the federal government to those things that are mentioned and everything else become state issues.  It is that simple and not that confusing, but you’d think I was an anomaly, but I’m not.


My talk show has been on what could be argued is the most conservative station in southern California for over three years.  We hear from listeners every week who either call or write because they thought they were the only gay people who thought the way I do (conservatively) or because their friends are gay and don’t fit the gay activist mold of what it means to be gay.  In that time I’ve watched gay scandals rock both parties and I’ve seen straight people fade away because they are too afraid of coming out of the closet and being who they are.


The fact is that there are a lot of gay people who consider themselves conservative and Bill Sammon should have engaged in the debate much more aggressively when he posed the question to the panel.  Not all gay people think alike, nor do we have to, so it is more a sign of the group think mentality of the left to demand we all desire gay marriage, gay adoption or gays openly in the military than it is to say we may all be gay, but we are all not group thinkers.


Hannity & Colmes would have been better when talking about the issue dealing with Senator Craig’s bathroom tryst if they would have sought out one of the many gay conservative thinkers, writers or talkers to take on the notion that all gays think the way gay groups demand.  The fact that they didn’t is a black eye for their program, but not because they did anything wrong; rather, because they’ve bought into the fact that we all think lock step too.


Senator Craig has a cloud following him the way Pig Pen did in Charlie Brown and it is all from his doing.  The people of Idaho are under no cloud and neither is the GOP.  The GOP welcomed me and the only place I’ve ever been unwelcome is in some places in the gay community because I break a very important rule: never dissent.  Diversity in the gay community only means color and clothing – it has nothing to do with divergent political though – despite the fact that it should.

I hope that news programs figure out that gays don't all think that rainbows and floral arranging are the norm - nor is it normal to have sex in public toilets.  I can understand gays that want to throw a rainbow on their car or who think making pretty floral designs is a great job, but as I think about using the restroom at an airport for what it is intended I think that is disgusting enough.  I cannot get my mind around going out of my way on my way to Idaho to stop in for a quickie.  Yuk!

Steve Yuhas is a radio talk show host on AM 600 KOGO in southern California and may be reached at or